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No matter what industry you are in or the size of your organization, the size of your project or budget, our consulting services can meet your need. For eleven years, we have worked with diverse organizations to help provide flexible and comprehensive solutions to complex problems. Over the past eleven years, our clients have tightened their belts, buckled their seat belts and held on during unprecedented economic uncertainty. We were there every step of the way helping our family of clients navigate their businesses and projects to shore. We can help you, too.


Small Business Consulting

Small businesses are the engines that keep the U.S. economy afloat. For twelve years, we have successfully helped small technology ventures; service businesses and innovative startups develop sounds strategies, acquire capital and implement new systems to support their operations. Our clients come to us with passion and ideas and our team help to create a road map to success. Call us before you invest your capital into a new venture or project to discuss expected ROI or solutions.

Higher Education Consulting

Community colleges and universities call on our team for technology implementation, learning management solutions, curriculum and program development consulting. We are a HUB, WBE, SBE and MBE certified firm.

Government Consulting

Integrality Consulting offers technology integration, marketing and PR communications, tax consulting and project management consulting to local and state government agencies. We are a HUB, WBE, SBE and MBE certified firm.

Nonprofit Consulting

Nonprofits serve an elevated mission and commitment to the general public. Each year our team commits its talent, skills and experience to supporting nonprofits that give back to the community. We offer financial and tax solutions, web development and social media services to national, state and local tax-exempt nonprofits. Each of our team members have real-world hands-on experience managing a nonprofit, we understand their needs and provide tremendous value to supporting their social mission and efforts to positively impact the world. We have an expert certified auditor on board who can analyze your operations and provide sound reports.

Corporate Consulting

Integrality Consulting is a boutique management consulting firm. We hire highly qualified consultants, build an infrastructure to increase bandwidth to meet the needs of large enterprises. We can integrate out team into the fabric of your enterprise to deliver flexible and effective solutions to complex problems. We are a HUB, WBE, SBE and MBE certified firm.